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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why I Sell Marketable Houses

3610 Armstrong County Court, Killeen Tx for Sale

I love selling houses and what I like selling even more is marketable listings. I have a new listing that is gorgeous from the ceiling to the floor. 
This is one:
Hey potential Home Owners stop your car and bring your family and friends to this lovely three bedroom two bath home. This home shows remarkably well and is in a very desirable neighborhood. The home owner took great pride with the beautiful upgrades they completed. This home has Laminate Chestnut Hickory Wood Floors, Chair Railing throughout the living room, Ceramic Tile Floor and Backsplash, Marble Countertops in the Bathrooms, New dishwasher, Marvelous Cortes Sink, New Carpet in the Master, and Double Sink with a wonderful Mirror to match. The owner spared no expensive in remodeling, so New Construction needs to keep up with this home.

This home is ready to Sale.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting a VA Foreclosed Home Appraised

                                  Having Your Home Appraised

I just finished having a VA Home appraised and to my surprise it needed to be re-inspected for repairs. The house needed to be re-inspected by an appraiser because of the fence and outside paint. The inspector said the house needed to be completely re-painted on the outside. The house was already negotiated 20% below market value. VA wasn’t going to do the repairs unless the price on the house was going to be re-negotiated (increase the price). So the repairs needed to be negotiated outside of closing.

This seems as though this is becoming a trend and more and more foreclosed homes are having issues with the appraisal and foreclosed means the property is selling as is without any repairs.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Budgeting For a New Home

It’s important when you’re in the market to purchase a home that you’re shopping within your budget.  Your lender may qualify you for a big purchase amount, but it’s up to you to make sure that your future mortgage is an amount that you can handle due to unforeseen issues.
It’s important for any future home owner to watch their budget and ensure you can handle the electric, telephone, cable, water, gas, and etc. Also think about your resale amount for future sells as well.