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Friday, December 2, 2011

It’s Time to Buy That House!

Are you aware how inexpensive houses are now.  Study shows that houses in 2010 haven’t appreciated very much.  They also haven’t loss value either which is good too.  Homes in the Central Texas area have been on the market for at least nine months if they aren’t price right. 
Are you looking for a great home to raise your family in?  What parent doesn’t want a home with a good school district, good neighbors and oh by the way it’s also an investment.  Why pay others when you can pay yourself?  Think about purchasing a house at a low interest rate which means more money on the principle.  Pay the home off then you can purchase another for your retirement home.  Investments, investments, investments
Now might be the best time ever to buy a home. 
One rent could pay for another home, or put your children through college, or buy your retirement home.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Do I Enjoy Helping Families?

I had the pleasure of meeting a young military family in the Fort Hood Area around April 2011. They were a family of four with another little one on his way. They logged onto my website and two days later they came in to purchase a home.  They came in already pre-qualified. Well they had three homes they were interested in viewing.  We went and looked at all three homes and they just loved the last home. The husband informed me J'Neka we love this house, so what we have to do to get it. I had already given them their buyers’ consultation and we went back to the office to write it up.  Long story short the home inspector told them it had termites.  It wasn't his place due to him not being an expert. Anyway the deal was gone. We terminated the contract. They understood it there were termites it could be repaired.

About a week to two weeks later we looked at about three more houses in a different area.  The wife told me they were going to wait until September (when the husband re-enlist) to determine if they were going to buy. Well a few days ago I contacted the wife to find out with they decided (staying in touch). She told me they are relocating to San Antonio because she just had the baby boy and he needs a specialist.  So they are moving under the Army Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).

I said all of this to say: End the end God looked out for them.  They would have just purchased a house and would have needed to move, on top of having a child that needs specialist, and needed to rent out their new house. 

I'm in the business of helping others. Although I didn't get the closing the good thing about it all is that I stayed in touch with the family, the wife was glad I called and little "LUKE" is alive and well.  We may not all be perfect, but we are living testimonies.

Monday, September 5, 2011


I’ve been giving the great opportunity to taking over a house.  So my goal is to flip it within a year while living in the house myself.  My timeline will be From October 2011 to October 2012 to have everything completed.  The house is a 2840sq ft, 2 story house, 1993, 5 bedroom house, 3.5 bathrooms (one is jack and jill) and on .26 acres.
I’m very excited about it all.  The walls are all solid with no holes.  My budget for the overall project initially was $10,000 but I think realistically will have to be $15,000.  I’m going to start with paint and ceramic tile floors in some areas before we move in.  It seems as though the original home owners did not remodel anything.  So I will have the wallpapers throughout the house pulled off, textured, and painted everywhere.  The bathrooms and kitchen all have wallpaper.  As for the floors, the carpet is in good condition, but I want the laminate flooring pulled up and add ceramic tile. I have to tell you the landscaping is really bad. Needs a lot of TLC.  The yard is going to consume a lot of time and labor.
I have a lot of sleepless nights just imaging the possibilities.  I can’t wait to start.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

What Do You Think Your Property is Worth?

As a Home Owner I think we all have a misconception of the amount of money we can get out of our home or how much we can sell it for. Some of us think our home is worth $150,000 but it may only be worth $125,000. With so many foreclosures and short sales on the market today it drops the value below the current market value.  
I've even had this one client that was losing there house.  I offered to assume it from them, but they wanted money for it and they were 5 month behind on there mortgage.  I asked them if they were willing to lose it and their credit or get it from under them.  So, he ended up losing the house. 
There was a woman that the same thing happened with her losing her house and she wanted money.  The next thing I knew is she lost her house and I was showing it as a foreclosed house.
Do you think this is a true statement?:  Everyone wants something even if it means losing your house.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MLS 167003

MLS 167003

Duplex for Sale and Priced just right. Home is currently looking for an investor or an owner occupany. Come right on out and take a look. Originally build by BA Emmons. Come and get it while the interest rates are low.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MLS 167221

MLS 167221

*NewNewNewNew* You wanted it and I have it. Just like new without being new construction. This seller spared no expense. Stainless Steel appliances, granite countertops, and shaggy carpet throughout. Ceramic tile (16X16) in the hallway and living; followed up with beautiful Hardwood floors in the loft area and Ceiling fans throughout. There is a new HVAC, new siding, new toilets, new wood blinds, and new tub in the master. The master is on the first floor. The pictures don't do this house justice, so this is a must see. Call for an appointment. That's right just like new. 254-285-4282

Monday, July 4, 2011


What happens when you have clients (husband and wife) that don’t agree?  Well there was a time that I can remember way back when my husband and I were buying our first house.  He had some ideas and then I had my own set of ideas.  Let me tell you, he was the bigger person and said I was in charge.  He just had a few, “MUST Have” and I was in charge.  That must have been the best decision we ever made.  I simply share this information with you, because someone has to make the final decision to ensure everything ends well.
I have a couple that are in the process of building a new house.  As their agent I want them to be happy. How can a couple be in a happy place? By staying within their price range and not over spending is the first step.  The second step is learning how to agree with each other and maintaining a budget.  By remaining happy with each other through the process and continue to be friends.  Don’t get upset with each other and especially in the presents of others.  This is my advice.
What is your opinion?
Please comment and let me know.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home Prices Plunge to New Lows!

Home prices plunge to new lows! What to do ...

by Mike Larson

Despite the greatest infusion of Fed money into the housing market of all time ... despite the government’s massive rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ... and despite all the happy talk of economic recovery ...

U.S. home prices have just suffered their worst decline in 16 months, plunging BELOW the LOWEST level of the entire 2007-2009 housing debacle!

This means that the entire housing market recovery since that time is now gone, wiped out.

It means that millions of homeowners who purchased homes anytime in the past eight years are now under water.

Worst of all, it means that they now have every incentive to walk away, sticking their bankers with the bill.

What to Do

In response, to this calamity, investors can either crawl into a corner or come out fighting.

And last time this happened, savvy investors who went on the offense could have made fortunes with investments that are designed precisely for this situation. For example,
  • Between October 11, 2007 and November 21, 2008, an investment that surges when real estate stocks plunge jumped 166% in value ...
  • Between October 11, 2007 and March 6, 2009, an investment that soars when banking stocks sink jumped 241.9% ...
And that’s just a small sampling of the opportunities that were available.
All without shorting, futures, options or any complex strategies — all strictly with ETFs that you can simply buy low and sell high like any ordinary stock!
And now, with the housing bust striking anew, I’m getting ready to go for the same kinds of opportunities, using the same investment vehicles that surged so dramatically the last time around.

Within the next few days, I am going to issue a set of new trading recommendations to seize the moment. If you’d like to get them, you need to jump on board with me before then

Click here for a summary of the terms, and, if you’re happy with them, to sign up right away.

But beware: This opportunity is not waiting for you, me or anyone. The news on the latest home price plunge just came out yesterday. The market is just now gaining new momentum on the downside. And all the signs tell me that the ETFs I’m about to recommend are just now getting ready to take off.

Best wishes,

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why a House is the Best Investment!

If you’re looking to put money to work for you, now is not really the best time to own your own home. With home sales starting to improve, and with prices now possibly forming a bottom, real estate could well be the asset class that represents the best low-risk buying opportunity out there today.

I have a few clients that are interested in purchasing a house but are hesitant.  They are getting Pre-Qualified, good credit, good job, family stable, but scared to take a leap, scared to jump on board and join the Home Ownership Experience.  The time is now if you want to purchase a home while interest rates are still low 4.75%, but rising.  House prices are still low (averaging $129,249), but going up. Builder’s prices are increasing, as well as gas prices, and the cost to build.  We just saw an issue with the government and Soldiers not knowing if they were going to get paid and having pay issues.  At one time the government was telling contractors not to even come in to work except for critical personnel.  Here in Texas we are also watching what’s going on with the security of teachers’ jobs.  If you have some money saved and a secure job and you are waiting on an investment opportunity then wait no longer.

The time to buy is now!

Friday, March 11, 2011

HUD and VA Foreclosed Homes

For the month of January and February 2011 I’ve written more foreclose contracts than I ever have before.  The volumes of distressed properties for sale are still growing, while interest rates are slowly rising. It’s still good news for value oriented byers to buy foreclosed properties.  There’s a greater degree of comfort among investors and lenders now that they know where prices are, “which makes them more willing to sell”, says Patrick Sargent.
Don’t expect to purchase many of these foreclosed properties for little of nothing.  Foreclosed properties are initially marked down by 30% from market price. These properties can sell for a little of nothing or sale at their listed price. Take these two examples: I had two different foreclosure properties in good condition.  They were both pretty much turnkey with two different Asset Managements.  On property (A) we were able to get about $3000.00 off the listed price and 3% of closing cost paid.  I had another property (B) that was VA Foreclosure.  I have to admit if you saw this house you would want it as your own home.  Great Neighborhood! The house looked amazing from the stained concrete drive way to the ceramic tile throughout the house.  All of the fixtures looked great and there was refreshing paint flowing throughout the house.  Go figure, a foreclosure, no way.  Yes way! But the bank wasn’t budging from the price.  In order for us to get the 3% closing cost from the (REO) department or Bank, they wanted us to go up on the price.  The house was a deal either way you looked at it.
***Always remember with foreclosures there are additional fees buyers may have to pay like the survey, title policy, re-wintering, federal expressing packages, and the possibility of losing the home inspection money if the house is taking off the market due to a missing deed.
Call me for more information: 254-285-4282

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Choose Me as Your Real Estate Agent?

What can I give you that no other agent can give you?    Customer Care
If you’re selling your home my goal is to price your house just right.  The average house sits on the market for about 6 months.  Today’s statistics for the month of November 2010 reflex houses being on the market for 11 months.  Absorption rates may affect sellers more than they know.  These rates cause sellers to pay more money out of pocket than necessary.  My goal is to save you the additional expense and put you where you need to be (with your family).  By selling your home at the right price you will save money and you will not have to continually pay mortgage payments on a house that you no longer want.  Stop your continued expenses on electric, water, and being separated from your family. 
I am here to serve as your Real Estate Agent by helping you maximize your profit.  Advertisement is something that I’m big on.  My online present is significant.  I have numerous sites at buyers’ disposal.
Credit score is key to getting buyers into their dream house.  Buyers have to get their credit checked.  If we need to work on your credit then that is what I am here to help you do.  I will find the right loan officer for you so that you will be able to get qualified and even closer to the house of your dreams.  If you are having problems with you credit, then your loan officer and I will work with you.  After we get you pre-qualified, then house hunting can begin.  We will discuss your aspiration for location, the square footage you desire, number of bedrooms, or even your target school district.  I offer counseling and discuss possible cost as well as what is negotiable in buying the house.
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92% of buyers say owing a home make more sense
96% of buyers still see homeownership as a positve experience
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