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Monday, September 5, 2011


I’ve been giving the great opportunity to taking over a house.  So my goal is to flip it within a year while living in the house myself.  My timeline will be From October 2011 to October 2012 to have everything completed.  The house is a 2840sq ft, 2 story house, 1993, 5 bedroom house, 3.5 bathrooms (one is jack and jill) and on .26 acres.
I’m very excited about it all.  The walls are all solid with no holes.  My budget for the overall project initially was $10,000 but I think realistically will have to be $15,000.  I’m going to start with paint and ceramic tile floors in some areas before we move in.  It seems as though the original home owners did not remodel anything.  So I will have the wallpapers throughout the house pulled off, textured, and painted everywhere.  The bathrooms and kitchen all have wallpaper.  As for the floors, the carpet is in good condition, but I want the laminate flooring pulled up and add ceramic tile. I have to tell you the landscaping is really bad. Needs a lot of TLC.  The yard is going to consume a lot of time and labor.
I have a lot of sleepless nights just imaging the possibilities.  I can’t wait to start.
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