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Monday, November 25, 2013

Selling a Home with J'Neka

My client was very good by meeting with me. Getting the house cleaned, carpets steam cleaned, and everything else I asked her to do. She did it. There was times where she was worried and didn't want to make another house payment. We talked about everything and within 30 days we had the property under contract. We closed everything before 60 days were over. I have to tell you it couldn't have been sold without a willing seller. Thanks Ms. Roddy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5101 Colorado Dr., Killeen Tx 76542

Looking for a corner lot then here it is: Move in Ready. Freshly painted house with extra large living room. Looking for a house to move into immediately, well here it is so come and get it. The eat in area has a bay window and opens to the living for easy entertainment. The pleasure doesn't stop there it extends outside to a very very very large backyard. The backyard space has unlimited possibility.

View my Etour here:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Completely Remodeled Home!

Marsh Cove
This is a newly renovated 5 bedroom 3 full bath and half bathroom.   Every bathroom has a window (which you can’t find homes like that now days). One of the bathrooms is a Jack n Jill. New paint New Floors and clean from top to bottom.  This house has an amazing ceramic tile floor design.  Not only does the first floor but also the second floor hall way has a brick layout of ceramic tile.  Laminate Hardwood floors are in the dining area and family room.  All of the rooms are large and have walk in closets. The master is very spacious and has corner garden tub, roomy separate shower and dual vanity in two of the three full baths. 
Dwindling stars goes to the top where all of the bedrooms are located. 

Outside of the house has been newly painted to make the house stand out.

Friday, August 30, 2013

1820 Kingwood, Killeen Tx

Come and take a look at this beautiful starter home. Gorgeous Kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The stove and dishwasher are new. This house also features a side by side stainless steel refrigerator. And guess what.... There is granite counter tops in the kitchen with a beautiful back splash. The master bedroom is spacious and has a nice large bathroom with a garden tub. Nice sky light allowing plenty of natural light. Fresh paint throughout the house with with amazing fixtures. Come on out to view. You will love it.

View the Virual Tour:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Multiple Offer Situations

Multiple offers normally happen when the seller is the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. VA wants all parties to know that there are other interested parties making bids on the property (usually bids come in very low). Well I was showing a house that the listing agent normally sells VA home. The listing agent told me she already had an offer on the house but she wasn’t presenting anything until Monday (this was Saturday).  So we submitted an offer a few hundred over the price. The agent came back Monday and said to submit the best and highest offer.

I just couldn’t believe that. I mean it wasn’t a VA house and we submitted a good offer with a quick closing. I just never in all my years dealt with anything like this from a regular seller.    The agent said her owner wanted to test the market because it only been on the market for 5 days. So my clients started thinking maybe the agent was trying to raise the price or might be working for the other buyers after speaking with their family members.
Needless to say we loss the bid, because we went the other direction with the bid a thousand dollars and better. My clients were suspicious of the entire deal.

How do other agents handle multiple offers?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Selling Your Home For The First Time

When selling your house for the first time it can be emotional. The home owner doesn’t really want to leave their home unless the price is right. The seller will need to be willing to do the following:

Ø  The owner has to consider the professional price opinion to put the house on the market

Ø  Reviewing the overall possible refund or equity that she/he can get  from the sell

Ø  Holding open houses and allowing strangers to view your home

Ø  Considering all offers that are presented and the feelings or thoughts of it being SOLD at the right price. Going back and forth to contract

Ø  Having an inspection completed and having to tackle possible issues can sometimes be emotional.

Ø  After the inspection the appraisal is going to be ordered. The seller and agent are both waiting on the appraisal to come back with no issues.

Ø  Hopefully after everything goes smoothly then the buyers can fund to close. Yeah!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Inspection

Representing Your Seller

As a listing agent and you have a homeowner still living in the home I personally think it is important for the listing agent to be present during the inspection. Sometime issues may arise during an inspection with the buyer and inspector walking through the house. The seller may be present and so therefore you would want to be present too. I’m not saying follow the inspector around like they represent you, but make sure everything is going smoothly with the inspection.

If there is a buyer that goes through the house and nick picks everything in the presents of the seller can be a problem. I can be the problem solver for any incident. We have to remember that sellers are normally emotionally attached to their home.  Even when I was selling my home and I have about two items they wrote up to repair and I was like, “No Way”. But I had to make the decision, “Will this make or break the deal”. Deal, that what a lot of people want and even want to believe they are getting. So a lot of times it works better if your seller is going to be present for the inspection, then you the representative should be present too.

I just believe its good to be present at least during the inspection to ensure everything runs smoothly with the inspection and there isn’t any buyer or seller issues.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Construction

                                  New Construction Issues

I was disappointed with one of our local builders. Closing was set for a certain day, but it didn’t happen because of the final appraisal report that was due before closing.  That’s fine and I have no problem with that because that’s out of every ones hands. What I do have a problem with or what I was happy about was we did our walk thru with the builder’s rep on a Monday and closing was scheduled for Thursday. So tell me why on our walk thru and hour before closing were the same existing issues still present. Ridiculous to say the lease…….touch up paint was still needed, door stoppers, jets with the Jacuzzi not working, etc. How easy is touch up paint and why not complete it.  The Builder’s Rep said well they weren’t closing when expected so we stopped everything (That’s the wrong answer).

I told the builder rep, you want my clients to sign and the repairs aren’t complete. On top of that it ended up being a Friday and if wasn’t funding today then we wouldn’t get the keys until Monday. Who wants to have this issue when they could just wait until Monday to sign. If we waited then they wouldn’t have a mortgage payment until August 2013.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why I Sell Marketable Houses

3610 Armstrong County Court, Killeen Tx for Sale

I love selling houses and what I like selling even more is marketable listings. I have a new listing that is gorgeous from the ceiling to the floor. 
This is one:
Hey potential Home Owners stop your car and bring your family and friends to this lovely three bedroom two bath home. This home shows remarkably well and is in a very desirable neighborhood. The home owner took great pride with the beautiful upgrades they completed. This home has Laminate Chestnut Hickory Wood Floors, Chair Railing throughout the living room, Ceramic Tile Floor and Backsplash, Marble Countertops in the Bathrooms, New dishwasher, Marvelous Cortes Sink, New Carpet in the Master, and Double Sink with a wonderful Mirror to match. The owner spared no expensive in remodeling, so New Construction needs to keep up with this home.

This home is ready to Sale.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting a VA Foreclosed Home Appraised

                                  Having Your Home Appraised

I just finished having a VA Home appraised and to my surprise it needed to be re-inspected for repairs. The house needed to be re-inspected by an appraiser because of the fence and outside paint. The inspector said the house needed to be completely re-painted on the outside. The house was already negotiated 20% below market value. VA wasn’t going to do the repairs unless the price on the house was going to be re-negotiated (increase the price). So the repairs needed to be negotiated outside of closing.

This seems as though this is becoming a trend and more and more foreclosed homes are having issues with the appraisal and foreclosed means the property is selling as is without any repairs.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Budgeting For a New Home

It’s important when you’re in the market to purchase a home that you’re shopping within your budget.  Your lender may qualify you for a big purchase amount, but it’s up to you to make sure that your future mortgage is an amount that you can handle due to unforeseen issues.
It’s important for any future home owner to watch their budget and ensure you can handle the electric, telephone, cable, water, gas, and etc. Also think about your resale amount for future sells as well.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Listing Your Home

Listing your home with tenants living in it isn’t easy. When you have your house for sale and there are tenants living there is harder to sale than the owner living there.

One reason it isn’t easy is because the tenant is required 24hr notice. Also the tenant may not care if the house sales or not. Another thing is you don’t know what the house will look like when it is shown.

Is the house clean, free of clutter what does the floor look like, the yard, the rooms, and the kitchen. Are there a lot of things that need to be repaired? If there are I guarantee the tenants will say what’s broken before they say what works. Sometimes the tenant may not want to show the property (as is the case when some owners live in the house).

In some cases you have tenants that will cooperate and do a very good job keeping the home clean and don’t mind showing the property which is excellent.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

VA Offers and Contracts

This is my first time with VA taking 2 full weeks to agree on an offer.

OK, yes we under bid on the initial offer and went back and forth with VA about twice. Afterwards we said to VA this is our “Best and final offer”. So guess what happen after that. VA accepted everything. The second week it was back and forth with paperwork. The wife was on the offer and had to come off. I was missing one of the addendums. Next they added a new Lead base form and the house don’t require a lead base paint form.  Then it was the quality of ink that didn’t meet their percent rate. So I needed to track down my client to make it a little me convenience for them and hand carry the forms to the listing agent so that it didn’t take any longer than necessary.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

4Plex Closed in Less Than 30 days

4Plex Closed in Less Than 30 days

Yeah, we closed the fourplex in less than 30 days. The fourplex was priced right so no problems with the appraisal. Lender worked the loan with an excited buyer. The seller worked all the repairs that were asked down to the very last day.
Everything may not have been easy as it seems but we worked everything out. One hiccup was the verbal on the amendment. Example: Buyers agent wrote one line: “Fix and repair everything circled on the inspection report.” So when it came to doing the walk thru the buyer’s agent asked, “Are you fixing the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)? I told her it said, “Although new homes are required at the time home was built may not have been required, for safety reasons consider upgrading the electrical system to include AFCI.

My seller said, “Don’t you all start nick picking everything after option period is over.” So of course I read it again and again, and then I did one better and called the inspector. He said it isn’t required he just has to put it on the inspection report because that is his job to state new codes.  So between that and reading it is “Suggested” we didn’t change them out. Through my interpretation the inspector didn’t say fix and or repair. So that means that nothing was broken.
Yes it is the usage of words. Any variation with what is written may require more direct written language. I personally never like written on the amendment see attached and circle the inspection sheet.

Other than that all repairs were being fixed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Negotiating Home Warranties

I have a military couple moving to Fort Hood and looking for a property. They have their eyes set on a particular house and it been inspected. After reviewing the inspection sheet they are concerned about the AC unit.

What I want everyone to know is that we can get a licensed HVAC inspector to come and find out if the unit is or isn't in good condition. If there are any conditions after that inspection then it can be negotiated to be fixed within our option period.  I also advised my clients to call different home warranty companies. Get the best company the has the highest coverage for HVAC. We can negotiate the seller to pay for the warranty.

Don't let things scare you when in fact it can be negotiated to help you the buyer.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Putting the Perfect Clients Together Can Make the Deal

          It’s always important to talk to other agents in the office and find out what some of their clients are looking to purchase. After talking with one of my co-workers I found out one of her client was looking for a fourplex to purchase.  Just so happen one of my clients called me and told me he needed to sell his fourplex.  I paused for a minute and thought about my co-workers client.  I immediately told my client to have his fourplex ready to show two days from now between 11:30 and 2pm. 

I showed up first to talk with my client and to make sure we were going to put a good product on the market.  Go over some numbers with him, take pictures, get measurements and discuss any repairs taking place. Then an hour later the buyer showed up to view the property. He viewed it with his agent and after seeing all of the units he was ready to write an offer.

My client received the offer late that night and signed the next day with all terms met (contract). This was a great opportunity bringing both a ready seller and ready buyer together.

***************Preparation meets Opportunity*****************

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Purchasing Property With Cash

For those of you that have enough cash to purchase a home you definitely want to make that move.With cash clients have the option to under bid on a house a substantial amount because they don’t have to pay a lot of mandatory fees.
The lender fees are the mandatory fees that make a big difference in the cost. The lender fees may consist of doc prep fees, admin fees, tax fees, courier fees, attorney fees, recording fees, tax certificate fee, wiring fee, title company fee, termite inspection, survey, pre-paid items and more. It’s very important to know that all of these fees don’t have anything to do with your mortgage payments. Also using a lender may take a standard time of 30 to 45 days. These are simply the fees associated with the loan. With a cash closing it may only take 2 - 3 weeks or less to close.
I have a quick closing with one of my houses because it is a cash offer. We have the opportunity to close so fast that the home owner won’t even have to make another mortgage payment.  The owner of this house was just about to have the floors remodeled for a fast sell too, but when opportunity came to knocking it was time to answer. The house received a contract in less than 30 days.
Welcoming a great 2013 and a prosperous year.


Friday, February 22, 2013

When VA Tells You They Accepted Your Offer But Then They Want To Go Back On What They Accepted

When VA Tells You They Accepted Your Offer But Then They Want To Go Back On What They Accepted

Has anyone else witness this before. There is a foreclosed home listed at $140,000 for 139 days. So my client and I find a house that he loves and it’s in a great neighborhood. We did start the bid a little low. We were $10,000 under asking price and VA wasn’t paying the survey, title policy, and only 3% of closing cost. VA counter back at full price and only 3% closing cost.
The listing agent told me we could either accept or counter. I told him we were doing neither and that we have to keep looking for a house. So, two days pass and the agent calls me and tells me VA Asset Manager has decided to accept our offer. We just needed to put it in writing and sign everything. All of this was on a Thursday evening. By Monday morning (Presidents Day) we had all of the paperwork signed and sent to the listing agent. I also called him to tell him I’ve sent him the paperwork. I believe he took the day off so he was out of the office. I called him Tuesday to make sure he received the paperwork and he said he has to check and that he has been very busy.
So later that day he calls me and tells me VA asset manager must have made a decision too fast, because they can’t justify that price. So I’m absolutely disappointed to say the least and we have to start looking all over again. The listing agent said something to the effect that he needed to get them some comps. My client already told me he wasn’t going to pay any more than the survey, title, the remainder of the closing cost and nothing more than that.  I already knew any higher price wasn’t going to work for my client. So, I’m waiting and asking other agents if they have ever witness anything like this before. I call the listing agent again to get more clarity and he says to me, “Hope they are fine. They accepted everything. I sent them some more comps and It’s fine”. He said it like nothing ever happened. I went through all of that for nothing. It’s good I didn’t tell my client that entire stressful scenario. I needed my clarification first before I sent that energy in another direction.   
Long story short is what wasn’t going to be is now going to be. Soon to be contracted and sold!
Write back and tell me what you think.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Time Home Buyer With Great Credit Scores but Still can’t Get The Loan

First Time Home Buyer With Great Credit Scores but Still can’t Get The Loan

I have a First Time Home Buyer and her credit score was in the 660s. Which is a great score to have especially with VA (their required score is a 620). She had the pre-approval letter so we looked for a house and found one. We proceeded on writing the offer and got all of our terms negotiated. We had our option period so we had the home inspected and found a good insurance quote. Next thing we knew the lender was like: “stop we have red flags all over this file”. I’m trying to find out why and my client was very disappointed just like me. I wouldn’t have ever written a contract with someone not qualifying.
The contract was written and I had a way out for her to get her Earnest Money back of course. I had another lender that I wanted her to go to just in case there was still away to get her approved. That lender does hard loans. She was too nervous so she didn’t. The money she lost was little money, but the basic hard part was over and we still had time for another lender to take a look at her file.
Home buyer can be emotional and sometime you should try another option before you give up. The thing about her is that she was 100% disable, which meant she wouldn’t have paid any property taxes and she would have been paying about $400.00 less monthly than what she was paying now.    
Home buyer is a stressful process something.

Monday, February 11, 2013

5009 Fawn Dr, Killeen Tx

Minutes from Fort Hood Base. Remarkable three bedroom house with two full bathrooms. As you walk into the front door you are greeted with beautiful wood floors. The kitchen has a bar with a nice open flow that is great for easy entertaining. Nothing but the best schools when you come Timber Ridge Estates.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4202 Secretariat Dr., Killeen Tx

The owners have taken really good care of this home. Great schools are in the area and not far from post. The house has been upgraded with Wood Laminate floors and Crown Molding throughout. Two tone paint in the house and the master has a garden tub with his and her closets. This is a must see. Add this home to your list and its ready for a quick move out.

Log onto my website:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5005 Causeway, Killeen Tx

Take a look at my listing.
Looking for instant equity, well here it is! This home is offering a foreclosed price without the foreclosed headaches. This amazing home comes with two living, two dining, and a nice size backyard. The kitchen features an island with black appliances and a refrigerator at no cost. This home has a large master bedrooms and spacious minor rooms that everyone will be envious about. There is nothing like having a large walk in closet, dual vanity sinks, a separate shower, a garden tub and this home has it. It also features a split floor plan. Stop by this beautiful home with great schools and minutes away from Fort Hood and the airport and take a tour.

Click here to view more:

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers
Nothing is more exciting to me than helping a First Time Home Buyer. I enjoy educating them and getting all of their money back (depending on their loan). I love seeing the excitement between husband and wife, or a single parent, and the children viewing homes. I enjoy watching the children walk thru the house and look for the room that they want for themselves. It just brings a smile to my face.
Also handing them the keys is always the best part.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time Management

It is time to start the New Year off correctly. What I want to know from you is, “how are your time management skills”?

Your time management skills can make you or break you. If you don’t plan your day correctly or management your time wisely you won’t be as successful as you pre-determined yourself to be. Ensure at the end of your day every day you schedule specific task for the next day to complete. Also, ensure you schedule your task to be completed Mon – Fri for your regular schedule to hold yourself accountable too.  What is your schedule for 2013?