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Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Construction

                                  New Construction Issues

I was disappointed with one of our local builders. Closing was set for a certain day, but it didn’t happen because of the final appraisal report that was due before closing.  That’s fine and I have no problem with that because that’s out of every ones hands. What I do have a problem with or what I was happy about was we did our walk thru with the builder’s rep on a Monday and closing was scheduled for Thursday. So tell me why on our walk thru and hour before closing were the same existing issues still present. Ridiculous to say the lease…….touch up paint was still needed, door stoppers, jets with the Jacuzzi not working, etc. How easy is touch up paint and why not complete it.  The Builder’s Rep said well they weren’t closing when expected so we stopped everything (That’s the wrong answer).

I told the builder rep, you want my clients to sign and the repairs aren’t complete. On top of that it ended up being a Friday and if wasn’t funding today then we wouldn’t get the keys until Monday. Who wants to have this issue when they could just wait until Monday to sign. If we waited then they wouldn’t have a mortgage payment until August 2013.

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