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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Home Inspection

Representing Your Seller

As a listing agent and you have a homeowner still living in the home I personally think it is important for the listing agent to be present during the inspection. Sometime issues may arise during an inspection with the buyer and inspector walking through the house. The seller may be present and so therefore you would want to be present too. I’m not saying follow the inspector around like they represent you, but make sure everything is going smoothly with the inspection.

If there is a buyer that goes through the house and nick picks everything in the presents of the seller can be a problem. I can be the problem solver for any incident. We have to remember that sellers are normally emotionally attached to their home.  Even when I was selling my home and I have about two items they wrote up to repair and I was like, “No Way”. But I had to make the decision, “Will this make or break the deal”. Deal, that what a lot of people want and even want to believe they are getting. So a lot of times it works better if your seller is going to be present for the inspection, then you the representative should be present too.

I just believe its good to be present at least during the inspection to ensure everything runs smoothly with the inspection and there isn’t any buyer or seller issues.

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