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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Do I Enjoy Helping Families?

I had the pleasure of meeting a young military family in the Fort Hood Area around April 2011. They were a family of four with another little one on his way. They logged onto my website and two days later they came in to purchase a home.  They came in already pre-qualified. Well they had three homes they were interested in viewing.  We went and looked at all three homes and they just loved the last home. The husband informed me J'Neka we love this house, so what we have to do to get it. I had already given them their buyers’ consultation and we went back to the office to write it up.  Long story short the home inspector told them it had termites.  It wasn't his place due to him not being an expert. Anyway the deal was gone. We terminated the contract. They understood it there were termites it could be repaired.

About a week to two weeks later we looked at about three more houses in a different area.  The wife told me they were going to wait until September (when the husband re-enlist) to determine if they were going to buy. Well a few days ago I contacted the wife to find out with they decided (staying in touch). She told me they are relocating to San Antonio because she just had the baby boy and he needs a specialist.  So they are moving under the Army Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).

I said all of this to say: End the end God looked out for them.  They would have just purchased a house and would have needed to move, on top of having a child that needs specialist, and needed to rent out their new house. 

I'm in the business of helping others. Although I didn't get the closing the good thing about it all is that I stayed in touch with the family, the wife was glad I called and little "LUKE" is alive and well.  We may not all be perfect, but we are living testimonies.

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