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Monday, July 4, 2011


What happens when you have clients (husband and wife) that don’t agree?  Well there was a time that I can remember way back when my husband and I were buying our first house.  He had some ideas and then I had my own set of ideas.  Let me tell you, he was the bigger person and said I was in charge.  He just had a few, “MUST Have” and I was in charge.  That must have been the best decision we ever made.  I simply share this information with you, because someone has to make the final decision to ensure everything ends well.
I have a couple that are in the process of building a new house.  As their agent I want them to be happy. How can a couple be in a happy place? By staying within their price range and not over spending is the first step.  The second step is learning how to agree with each other and maintaining a budget.  By remaining happy with each other through the process and continue to be friends.  Don’t get upset with each other and especially in the presents of others.  This is my advice.
What is your opinion?
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