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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home Prices Plunge to New Lows!

Home prices plunge to new lows! What to do ...

by Mike Larson

Despite the greatest infusion of Fed money into the housing market of all time ... despite the government’s massive rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ... and despite all the happy talk of economic recovery ...

U.S. home prices have just suffered their worst decline in 16 months, plunging BELOW the LOWEST level of the entire 2007-2009 housing debacle!

This means that the entire housing market recovery since that time is now gone, wiped out.

It means that millions of homeowners who purchased homes anytime in the past eight years are now under water.

Worst of all, it means that they now have every incentive to walk away, sticking their bankers with the bill.

What to Do

In response, to this calamity, investors can either crawl into a corner or come out fighting.

And last time this happened, savvy investors who went on the offense could have made fortunes with investments that are designed precisely for this situation. For example,
  • Between October 11, 2007 and November 21, 2008, an investment that surges when real estate stocks plunge jumped 166% in value ...
  • Between October 11, 2007 and March 6, 2009, an investment that soars when banking stocks sink jumped 241.9% ...
And that’s just a small sampling of the opportunities that were available.
All without shorting, futures, options or any complex strategies — all strictly with ETFs that you can simply buy low and sell high like any ordinary stock!
And now, with the housing bust striking anew, I’m getting ready to go for the same kinds of opportunities, using the same investment vehicles that surged so dramatically the last time around.

Within the next few days, I am going to issue a set of new trading recommendations to seize the moment. If you’d like to get them, you need to jump on board with me before then

Click here for a summary of the terms, and, if you’re happy with them, to sign up right away.

But beware: This opportunity is not waiting for you, me or anyone. The news on the latest home price plunge just came out yesterday. The market is just now gaining new momentum on the downside. And all the signs tell me that the ETFs I’m about to recommend are just now getting ready to take off.

Best wishes,

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