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Monday, January 2, 2012

My Utopia and Goals

Utopia is being decisive, fair, and having a confidence about yourself that is easy.  I remember playing a Utopia game when I was younger.  I really didn’t understand it at first and it was a simple game, but never the less I always played it.
My Utopia is Harmony.  Harmony with the universe, harmony with family, and harmony with friends.  My goal is to have pleasantries with family and daily desire to improve wealth of knowledge. My harmony is the beauty of getting along with neighbors and the ability to give back to our community.  That my family will meditate on a daily basis to bring positive energy to our family.  My Utopia is having a business that requires little to no effort making money. My daily saying is, “Money comes easily and freely in 2012”.  My goal is to also Patton a product that everyone can utilize.  Put my designs together, the paperwork, and follow through with my plan.  Learn as much as I can about the process and make a dream a reality.
Invest in another property for 2012 rather its rental property or it’s a flip.  Own the dream of real estate and invest.
These are my plans and goals for 2012.
Sign J’Neka 1-2-12

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