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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who Wants to Increase Their Credit Score

 I’ve completed a little personal test myself with one of my clients to find out if I can increase their credit score by at least 20 points within 60 days. The goal is to get credit with one of these credit card companies to establish new credit. These companies sometimes have additional charges too.  This is one way you can increase your credit score. Apply, charge, and pay on time. I normally tell my clients to charge something like gas, because you always need it and it’s a constant. Also, you don’t want to over charge. If the company only gives you $250.00 then only charge $250.00 and no more. Allow the charges to hit your credit. Don’t pay the bill off before you get the statement. I had one client that charged gas and as soon as he charged it he paid it off. Well that didn’t help him at all and it made him taken longer than the 60days. You can make payments one or two ways. Pay your bill down to twenty dollars or pay a little more than the minimum amount due.  You have to remember you don’t want any collections, judgments or bad credit reflexing your credit. This is how I help my clients bring their credit scores up. Remember to always pay on time.

Orchard Bank                          Merrick Bank              Capital One
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