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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Realtor - Lender – Client - Relationship

What’s the most important relationship for a client to connect while buying a house? I think it is the connection between the realtor-client-realtor. If the lender doesn’t stay in the lines of communication with everyone, then the closing isn’t going to run smoothly for anyone. The lender needs to explain every up front. Especially if the lender is going to require the appraisal fee up front the client should be aware.  I also think it is very important to go to the first meeting with your clients so you can hear and know what one person is telling your clients or what due outs are needed to turn in.

It really irritates me when the lender doesn’t explain everything and my client is hearing everything from me or the under writer because the lender didn’t tell anyone anything.

Agents - Every so often sit down with your lender to ask question you may need a break down with one of your closings that didn’t go as planned.  Or you may need to learn more about the original good faith estimate and what really happened in the end. 

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