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Saturday, October 24, 2015

When Selling Your Home!

I'm currently working with a client selling his home. We had it on the market 2 years ago and he ended up renting it out, because he couldn't afford to pay for an empty house. But before he rented it out we did get a under price offer on the house.  He accepted and we were going through with everything until the loan fell to pieces.
He came back to me an ask for me to sell his house again. Which is good I love repeat clients. Now because of the tenant being responsive. Its been hard for me to get a key, take pictures, and even get some docs from the seller. Ok finally for about a month in a half I was finally able to take some pictures of the house. The pictures weren't the best because remember their is a tenant in the house. Tenants don't care if the house sell or not they just want it working while they are present.
So we list the house and sell it for more then when we contracted it two years ago.
I had to go through some things to get the keys from the tenant. Ok, I have the keys and low and behold we get a request for showing, now because there are tenant we must give them 24 hr notice. No offer. Now I have two new showing a day later. Guess what by 6:30p that night they both say they are submitting an offer. So I let both of the agents know I was told I'll be getting another offer but I don't have anything yet.
So, one of them over bid by $3,000 and the other said they don't want to be in a bidding war.
Ok the next day I submitted the offer to my selling that seems to take a while to respond. He was like I'm paying closing cost. Yes, it's customary in our area. After some discussing he said ok but we need to change the date for the tenant because I told them they could stay until February 2016. Are they under contract, "No, month to month". Just word of advice for those that are trying to be their own property management company..... just tell the tenant to give a 30 day notice and don't offer them anything else unless they are going to contract it.
So because we countered the date the interested party changed there price because we didn't get another offer. So now the new offer price is $2,000 less than the initial over offered price. Still a win win situation but for some reason the seller isn't seeing it that way.
Really crazy to me. I don't know what to say but I will tell you my gut says these are the ones to sell too.

Word of advice to owner: don't get greedy when selling and your getting an over the offer price offer on a difficult to sell home.

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