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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Choices We Make

When we are motivated about something then we are able to focus on it. More energy is created to finish the task. Energy we don't know where it comes from. The excitement and the thoughts of completing or accomplishing an object motivate us more.

We find a new level of excitement that stimulates us. Its like buying a new house. Yes, some may be nervous but you’re also very excited. New buyers just want to make sure that they made the right decisions, starting with the light fixtures to the correct floor color.

 We all have choices and we have to decide if we are making the correct choices.

C – clear on the cost and willing to pay

H – having a support team in your life

O – organization that keeps the focus clear

I – investigating all option

C - coming to grip with your dream

E – emotional staminia

Stamina is created by passion

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