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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Wait Until the Last Minute

I meet a lot of people interested in purchasing a home, but get nervous about getting qualified for a loan.  After I ask my client if they have been pre-qualified they sometimes respond with, “We are ready to look for a house but we aren’t ready to get our credit ran”.
I understand some people are nervous about their credit, but this is the first step towards the home buying process, but this is the first step towards the home buying process.  Good credit is the number one way to get into your house, unless you have cash.  By getting your credit checked it allows you to know where you stand. You may have a collection that you weren’t aware of, or you may need to get your points up a little more, or you may have additional documentation that you need to turn in, and there may be something on your credit that you didn’t tell the real estate agent about (me).
If you’re interested in buying a home go ahead and get pre-qualified even if you don’t think you’re going to purchase until 6-12mo from now, that’s fine too.  This will allow you to work out any issues that may pop up later.  

You will be able to own a piece of the dream.

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