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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Definition: A wise and trusted counselor or teacher

What is the importance of mentoring? It’s a balance of learning from others and you have no obligation to partner or work with. It’s a two way relationship to encourage and learn from each other.  When I was in the military they always pushed mentoring all the time. I understood its importance then but never really took the opportunity to get a good mentor.  Fraternities and sororities are big on having mentors and establishing connections as well. Churches are another great place to find a mentor.  These different organizations are great places that provide opportunities to discover mentors.
I’m looking for a mentor not only for my job, but also for a financial advisor that I can bounce ideas with and it wouldn’t be a payment method of advice. Mentoring is a person volunteering their time.  Not only do children need mentors but also adults need to be mentored.  Rather they are first time parent, have a new job, or need more life skills.

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