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Monday, July 9, 2012


Definition of Change:

[ chaynj ]

1.    become or make different: to become different, or make something or somebody different
2.    substitute or replace something: to exchange, substitute, or replace something
3.    pass from one state to another: to pass or make something pass from one state or stage to another
Here are some ways to use change in a positive direction. Here are some positive Thoughts spelling out the word C-H-A-N-G-E.

C- Challenge their comfortable routine
  H- Halts their mental slump
  A-   Addresses their fears

  N-   Narrows their excuses

  G - Gives today power over yesterday
  E- Ends that part of the journey
   C- Creates Confidence
   H – Has the power to correct the wrong
   A – Allows you to adopt a new course
   N – New possibilities are exposed
   G -  Gives today a new meaning
   E – Energize you from the inside out
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